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About Wisconsin's Preferred Insurance Affiliates, Inc.

Preferred Insurance Affiliates, Inc. of Wisconsin

Preferred Insurance Affiliates, Inc. (PIA) is a licensed insurance company that delivers affordable dental insurance for the senior residing in Long Term Care facilities in Wisconsin.  PIA is contracted with providers that may deliver dental care at your facility, providing your LTC is contracted with these dental providers.  In addition to the mobile contracted group, PIA offers an expansive network of doctors and dental offices throughout the State of Wisconsin.

One of the most significant hurdles associated with residents residing in LTC facilities, is the ability to locate a doctor willing to accept Medicaid benefit coverage.  Another related burden is the ability for the LTC resident to arrange for transportation and travel to the dental office for the routine or even emergent issue.  PIA has overcome the access to care burden for the Medicaid LTC insurance recipient.

The PIA plan is not just limited to the Medicaid, Long Term Care residents; it is also available to any resident in the facility.  Offered at the same reasonable premium.  There are no copays, deductibles or out of pocket expenses.

If you are interested in enrolling in PIA, your journey begins below!  Join the many smiling enrollees that now have access to affordable and convenient dental care through PIA insurance.

Preferred Insurance Affiliates Forms & Brochures - For Residents of Wisconsin

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Access to oral preventative care may become increasingly difficult as you age for a variety of reasons including:

Preferred Insurance Affiliates, Inc. offers an affordable, full coverage comprehensive Preventative dental plan with low cost premiums for the, Long Term Care (LTC), aging population.

As we age, preventative care and early detection of, and intervention in, dental disease may help prevent the more serious problems associated with poor oral hygiene.

  • • Limited access to transportation
  • • Lack of insurance coverage
  • • Inability to access care utilizing your Title IXX insurance benefit
  • • Cost!

Poor oral hygiene in seniors may result in serious medical complications, including pneumonia.

Elderly man with tooth ache

Preferred Insurance Affiliates, Inc. offers no copay and no deductible, comprehensive dental coverage.  We also have contracted providers that may provide care for you at your facility.

Even if you are a Title IXX (Medicaid or Public Aid) recipient and collect a pension or social security check, comprehensive dental coverage may be within your reach at no additional cost to you.

Preventative oral care for resident of Long Term Care facilities includes:

  • • Regular visits with your dentist
  • • Preventative services (cleaning and fluoride treatments)
  • • Basic and major restorative dental coverage
Wisconsin Long Term Care Contracted Provider Map

Preferred Insurance Affiliates, Inc. offers no copay and no deductible, comprehensive dental coverage for the Long Term Care Residents in Wisconsin.

We also have contracted providers that may already provide care for you at your facility.  Ask the staff at your LTC facility today or feel free to contact the address below for more information.

Maintaining your healthy smile can be easy and convenient!

 Map LTC Facility  Map Dental Network Provider